Blockchain Preservation

Once your Bullz are created, they are securely stored on the Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring its permanent presence and immutability. Extra utility may be revealed, but your ordinals are permanent.

Da Bullz !roar

10,000 generative Bullz on Bitcoin. These are 10,000 pure digital collectibles that will remain on Bitcoin forever. No more will ever be created. Mint price will be 0.0001 btc. The community is a resource in it self. We will always have open ears to any suggestions. Raid twitter, join our discord, be part of the movement !roar

Exclusive Ownership Experience

As a proud owner of Bullz, you join a community of collectors with a shared passion for digital art and blockchain technology.


No roadmap, we decide the future together. No empty promises.

Pre mint

Fuck no! For the community !roar

WL and free mint

No free mints, equal opportunities. There will be WL for early birds, join discord. Will also be WL for some other projects.